Sunday, September 2, 2007

Appendix A

Self Assessment:

The main aim of this essay was to summarise experiments, so little theory was required. It was however essential to be familiar with background theories and definitions on aggression, prejudice and stereotypes so as to understand the literature completely.

Extensive research was conducted for this essay including online research of sites dedicated to the individual experiments as well as Peer reviewed journal articles and texts books to have a braod understanding of each experiment. The results and findings of the studies were thouroughly researched to ensure that although the word count was tight, all relevent information was included.

Written Expression:
APA format was used and headings and subheadings added for ease of reading. The methodology and results were worded in a way that was simplistic yet informative and relevent. Adding pictures and videos as well as links to more information makes it enticing to read and hopefully interesting as well. I conducted a readability test and and calculated the Gunning-Fox Index which resulted in a score of 16 (Meanig 16 years of schooling should result in ease of reading). The summary table at the end provides a overview of each experiment, its researchers, methods and results. The word count is 1428.

Online Engagement:
Because I was researching studies that had already been conducted I didnt feel there was a need for prior online enagement. I already knew which experiment I would be summarising and din't need any extra help. However, as prejudice is a subject close to my heart I am looking forward to hearing peoples views on the subject and hopefully being able to pass on my oppinions not only in reponse to comments on my blog but on others as well.

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