Sunday, October 28, 2007

Self Assessment

1. Theory
This topic I found so interesting, I found that there were a lot of case studies and opinions but not theories pertaining to the exact concept of solitary confinement. Instead I focused on specific psychological effects of solitary confinement and sensory deprivation.

2. Research
It was so interesting to research this topic, Although I found the subject somewhat depressing. I found the more I read about the topic the more people were completely ready to play the blame game but not to fix the problem. I didn’t address this issue in the essay as is such as huge issue with so many options to consider. I spent a lot of time researching this essay with online sources and peer reviewed journal articles.

3. Written Expression
A readability analysis was performed resulting in a score of 19 on the gunning-Fog test (meaning an age of 19 should result in ease of reading). APA style was used and the essay followed the style of introduction, main concepts and a conclusion. No tables or summaries were needed and so were not used. Word count 1368.

4. Online engagement
My online engagement was consistent and I posted a number of blogs leading up to my final essay. They included general ideas about solitary confinement and more specific concepts that I developed in my final essay. I also received quite a number of comments to which I responded. I commented on a several other blogs of which there is a link on my homepage to their blogs and more specifically to my comments. I would have liked to include more links to online sites which would compliment my essay, however I found it difficult to find credible sources that were also interesting and relevant to my topic.


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LeaMikhaela said...

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